Photography*, music, film, drawings, sculptures and poetry-
altogether, these things envelop the experience of The Thirteen.

The Thirteen is an exhibition which features multiple art forms,  paying homage to thirteen black women who were lynched or otherwise brutally murdered in Kentucky.

In the middle of Women's History Month and following Black History Month, the timing of this event is perfect, as it falls right in the midst of a recently heightened push for  the intersectionality of feminism and #BlackLivesMatter.

This production is being hosted by Centre College for one night only, at the Norton Center on Thursday, March 19 at 7:30pm. This event is free and open to the public.

-Biance Spriggs, Poet

-Biance Spriggs, Poet

"Ultimately, the connection between political conflict and the bodies of women, particularly violence against women of color as a mode of ethnic cleansing, is unmistakable. In remembering these thirteen women and calling out their names, we can now include their deaths as a recognizable part of the patter of xenophobia which persists today worldwide."


*Please note: photos from the exhibit are for display only at this time (not available for purchase).

Information at the end of this video is from previous showings and may not pertain to the March 19th event.